Ridiculously photogenic children

There are cute babies all over the Internet, but I have a particular fondness for one of them. She is a princess–really: Princess Estelle of Sweden, the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. I love this kid. She often wears a rather grumpy frown and tends to look at the press with an “Off with their heads!” sort of expression (which it appears she inherited from her grandpa, King Carl Gustaf). Her royalty comes very naturally. I have kind of an odd little enthusiasm for the Swedish royal family anyway, but it’s really only odd because I’m not Swedish.*

Last weekend Princess Estelle the Magnificent (as I like to call her) went to the finals of the Stockholm Open tennis tournament with her parents. This video of her arrival is hilarious–she’s totally greeting her public once the boring hand-shaking bit is over, waving and smiling for the cameras. Then inside she’s even more adorable–no grumpy face today!

Why, yes, minion! I WILL be your Queen! Go ahead and genuflect now, please.

Why, yes, minion! I WILL be your Queen! Go ahead and genuflect now, please.

Pics and story at the HuffPost | Lots of pics at New My Royals

As a commenter said at the Royal Order of Splendor, Estelle has set the bar pretty high for little Prince George of Cambridge. But then came his christening yesterday, and oh my bob, HE IS SO CUTE–and like Princess Estelle, just ridiculously photogenic!

Pater, this minion displeases me. Off with his head!

Pater, this minion displeases me. Off with his head!

THOSE CHEEKS! Just like his father’s at the same age.

Oh, and Kate looked nice too, I guess. I feel my British royal family obsession shifting to a new object.

Lots of christening pics from Auntie Beeb | Official pics at Hello! George says he is SO BIG!

*Gentle Readers who are also interested in the history of Jane Austen’s time might be interested to learn that the Swedish Royal Family, the House of Bernadotte, is descended from Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, who was one of Napoleon’s marshals. The childless king of Sweden adopted him as his heir, presumably to keep Napoleon from invading Sweden. Bernadotte’s wife, Desirée Clary’s, sister was married to Joseph Bonaparte. I am not sure if this is part of my odd little enthusiasm for the Bernadottes.

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