It’s good to be a nerd sometimes

open_pkg_frontOne of those times was today. I went into the mailroom today to get my mail and someone had propped a package up on the mailbox where everyone leaves misdelivered stuff. It had my name on it, but someone had written on it, “Delivered to wrong apt.” The sender had not included the apartment number, so I guess it was randomly delivered to someone in the complex.

open_pkg_backBut how nice! They left it in the mailroom so I could pick it up! And then I turned it over, and it had been opened and inexpertly resecured with tape.

I suppose whatever was in it wasn’t to their taste, so they figured they might as well pass it on to the person who had ordered and paid for it. Gee, I wonder why?

open_pkg_book Just today I was telling someone that I don’t have a lot of people in my “meatspace” life with whom I can talk about my interests. That’s why being a member of JASNA is so valuable to me, and why my online friends and Janeite community are valuable to me. And why I’m glad that my odd (to the rest of the world) book choices aren’t attractive to my neighbors. I’m looking forward to reading this…it may or may not be research. *cough* Of course everyone reading this blog post would find this book interesting, no doubt! I don’t think it’s available in the U.S. yet, but I was able to order it from The Book Depository, with free shipping.

(sorry about the shadows on the photos…I may be a nerd but I’m not much of a photographer)

7 thoughts on “It’s good to be a nerd sometimes

  1. Re “Filthy book thieves, Precious, we hates them forever!”: well, these are les mots justes, aren’t they? Thank goodness your unknown malefactor/benefactor ( really, one does not quite know how to think of he, she, or it) was too dim to appreciate a book about Regency spies. I wonder if spycraft had changed much since the days of the Culper Ring?

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  2. I’m going to display my touching faith in humanity despite two decades working in journalism and suggest that maybe your unknown malefactor absentmindedly opened the package found in their box before realizing it wasn’t addressed to them. That’s the kind of thing I could imagine myself doing.

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  3. You’ve been sending to the old address, Maggie, and it’s been going to junk. I just found your emails. Send to . I’ll be happy to talk about Heyer anytime, but I havent read those 7 you mention! I’ve read about 20, and I go back again and again to about 7 or 8 favorites.

    Susan W.

    p.s. see you Sunday!


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